Easily Amused (Bullhorn Productions; 58 minutes; $24.95 VHS/DVD; available at www.Hawaiigroms.com and surf shops)

Here’s the Pitch:Don’t forget where surfing’s Mecca is, or — more importantly — who the people are that live there.

Hollywood Connection: Rugrats: They may be miniature, but these little heroes are ready to prove themselves to the older guys and the rest of the world.

Best Actor: Dusty Payne: Young Mr. Payne is leading the Hawaiian amateur charge with his clean style and pro-like ability. Watch out for this kid, he’s good and he’s gonna get better.

Supporting Cast: Ian Walsh, Tai {{{Van}}} Dyke, Tom Dosland, Slater, Gavin Beschen, Andy, Bruce, Ward, Goose, Kai Henry and a whole pack of menehune terrors.

Score: One Hit Wonder, Ho’onula, Steely Dan, Pepper, Sudden Rush, Guttermouth, Turbo AC’s and Volcom Entertainment.

Thumbs Down: Don’t look for a ‘global approach’ type surf video here. Easily Amused keeps the action along the shores of the Islands and only briefly ventures off to such locations as Tahiti.

Thumbs Up: You can’t help but be impressed with the immense talent coming from Hawaii. Although the video mostly consists of veteran Island rippers, it is the brief grom footage that really catches your eye. And the within-the-barrel footage from Tahiti is easily some of the most exciting on-board video work ever. Andrew Lewis