Fur Cat Surf Adventures: Volume One (Steve Wolshin; 43 minutes; $29.95; available at www.furcat.com)

Here’s the Pitch: We know what everyone wants: J-Bay, J-Bay and more J-Bay – so that’s what they’ll get . . . and maybe a taste of some other places.

Hollywood Connection: Castaway: We’re stuck in one spot for the long haul, so we’ve gotta make the best of it and hope for a rescue.

Best Actor: Terry Chung: Hey, this guy charges some huge waves … on a longboard. Now that’s balls.

Supporting Cast: Slater, Garcia, Beschen, Bradshaw, Dorian, Kaipo, Kalani Robb, Machado, and more.

Score: Incubus, Sizzle, Romp, Nowhere Band, Ken Krop

Thumbs Down: Ok, so J-Bay isn’t the whole video, only 95% of it. Between the rather shaky footage and the constant barrage of visits to you know where, your finger begins to drift to the feared fast-forward button more than once.

Thumbs Up: Volume One does make a good attempt at creating a unique surf video, as they switch from longboarding to shortboarding to candid travel experiences. And if you like Incubus, then you’ll love the soundtrack. Andrew Lewis