Radio Waves (An Erik Drury and Anthony Campana film; 40 minutes; DVD $29.95; VHS $24.95; available at

Here’s the Pitch:Let’s not fight the conventional surf video format, but embrace it — combining the world’s best surfers and the world’s best spots with tough, driving tunes.

Hollywood Connection: {{{Rocky}}} V: At first you’re thinking, “Not another one!”, but somehow you find yourself sticking around to see how it all turns out.

Best Actor: Shane Dorian. With so many good surfers — a certain 44 to be exact — it’s hard to claim one as the absolute best, but Dorian consistently pops up and out around the world, letting us know he’s still here and in championship form.

Supporting Cast: Kelly, AI, Gavin, Cory, Bruce, Wardo, Occy, Taj, Joel, and Fanning.

Score: Queens of the Stone Age, BT and the Roots, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Galactic, etc…

Thumbs Down: If you haven’t already figured it out, Radio Waves is basically a best of the best of 2001/2002. Don’t look for many underground rippers here, ’cause you won’t find them. It’s all the best and only the best . . .just like usual.

Thumbs Up: No one can deny that what these guys are doing in the water is, most likely, the top material out there. From back-snapping donuts in hideous pits at the Box and Teahpoo, to brilliant carves and aerials at J-Bay and beyond, we guarantee RW will be one of your favorite pre-surf stokers. Andrew Lewis