DOCUMENTARY: DIVINE INTERVENTION (PTA films; 54 minutes; DVD $$; available at click here)

HERE’S THE PITCH: Take a stroll to the ‘end of the road’ with Garrett McNamara and his buddies as they live a true surf trip and discover the supernatural power of the beast of the South Pacific.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Poltergeist: It (Teahupo’o) is a mean and nasty place that either takes lives or changes them and no matter how many times it eerily ‘flicks’ on, it still amazes all in its presence.

BEST ACTOR: Garrett McNamara: Beside the fact that the film is made in honor of The Extreme Surfing World Champion, his single wave that has blazed across so many magazine covers and into our minds makes the whole movie worth it.

SUPPORTING CAST: Josh Loya, Ikaika Kalama, Liam, Danny Fuller, Sean Moody, Mark Healy and more.

SCORE: Emcee Text, B.E.T., Jah Soldiers, Aphrodite, Hope Sick, Grooveamada, Walter Travis Band

THUMBS DOWN: The actual film’s run time is only 24 minutes which leaves you feeling a little unfulfilled while the bonus footage is a half hour and consists of basically shaky surf trip shenanigans that are entertaining, sure, but not too relevant.

THUMBS UP: Divine Intervention is actually a tribute to Tahitian surfer, Briece Taerea, who took a fatal over the falls wipeout at Teahupo’o. And McNamara and cast illustrate well that horrific day and communicate the danger and spirituality of riding this nasty left through their honed big-wave skills. Andrew Lewis