HERE’S THE PITCH: Everybody loves underdogs — especially when they’re some of the best surfes on the planet.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Casino: You know those East Coasters, when they’ve got all the power back home in the palm of their hands they up and move West and begin running the show there.

BEST ACTOR: Noah Snyder: He’s extremely well-rounded and equally underrated. Aside from his smooth style and bucket chucking power, this Outer Banks boy has his aerial arsenal in full attack mode and he’s getting better.

SUPPORTING CAST: Ben Bourgeois, Jesse Hines, Tommy O’Brien, Jeff Myers, Asher Nolan, Gabe Kling, Matt Gilligan, Bruce Irons, more.

SCORE: …Trail of Dead, Heatmiser, Rival Schools, Q and Not U, Hot Snakes, Spoon, Burning Bridges, Radio 4, Enon, The Needles, and Midway.

THUMBS DOWN: If you’re an all-East Coast purist, then Destined for Second falls short once it makes the unavoidable trip west, seeking bombing pits at Pipe and Puerto then on to popping chop hops in California.

THUMBS UP: This is one of the best surf films to come out of the Right Coast. It not only captures the best moments and surfers in the water from Hatteras to Florida but it does so with good filming and a pumping soundtrack. Andrew Lewis