The Buzz: Potent Productions’ duo, Logan Dulien and Chad Towersey, have a got a knockout on their hands with their sequel, Snapt 2: The Next Hit. This high performance flick’s epic footage is a direct result of the personal relationships’ that Dulien and Towersey maintain with international pros. South Africa, Australia, Hawaii, Cali, Puerto Escondido, Costa Rica, Fiji, Tahiti, Europe and a bunch of new locations prove that the Potent Productions team has circled the globe for this vid.Get This: All of the sick follow footie is shot and edited by Chad Towersey. There is also a quick cameo by Surfing Mag’s esteemed photographer, Russ Hennings. See if you can find him. According to The Mag: Snapt 2: The Next Hit is a breath of fresh air in the stagnant atmosphere of the surf video industry. Killer editing all the way through coupled with a fresh to death soundtrack, that includes Matt Costa and Arena Productions, make this video a must-have. Furthermore, the Asher Pacey section is going to be a classic in years to come. Heat Sheet: 9.5 out of 10 ... The follow cam is the defining aspect of Snapt 2: The Next Hit, but isn’t the only high point of the film. The hottest pros ripping internationally and the latest crop of young talent also help make this video a keeper. See Also: Snapt Daniel Ikaika Ito