The Buzz: The latest labor and love of Director/ Producer Kevin Welsh is the eclectic Synergy: Surf NRG Volume 12. From Pe’ahi tow-ins to Sebastian tow-ats, from the Hobgoods to the Irons, from the ball shrinking conditions of the East Coast to the sun burning tropics of the Caribbean, this most recent installment of the SurfNRG series has a variety of footage.Get This: Zev Gartner, a Chemistry graduate student at Harvard took out some of the Right Coast’s contest machines like Dean Randazzo and Kevin Grondin, to win the Red Bull Ice Break Challenge. Look for Gartner to possibly create the surfer’s Viagra, a pill that will keep you up above the lip for longer periods of time. According to The Mag: The big-wave bravado is enhanced by video of a PWC washed up on the sketchy cliffs of Pe’ahi, reminding us that Jaws can bust you up at will. Furthermore, Synergy: Volume 12 also has a gnarly Zodiak mishap in the Caribbean.Heat Sheet: 7.5 out of 10 … All boating accidents aside, this film is a great one to watch with you’re crew. The variety of surf ensures that everyone will find some wave to relate to. Yet, if you’re looking for a “Pro job” vid, with the WCT ripping around the world, than you’re soliciting the wrong video. Synergy is all about the underground: Puerto groms, Jersey hometown heroes and more semi-known surfers than the ASR trade show.Distant Cousins: SurfNRGVolumes 1-11 Daniel Ikaika Ito