Movie download available now at www.totalvid.comThe Buzz: Jeffreys Bay is still a regular footers ultimate wet dream. So Seven Films is making every right facing surfers’ fantasy a media reality with Chords: J-Bay Naturally 2003. Although this film mainly focuses around the 2003 J-Bay Billabong Pro, there is plenty of free surfing and in-depth interviews by the WCT’s elite. Get This: ASP Media Manager, Jesse Faen makes a guest appearance in the vid with his twin finned styling, even upstaging Dan Malloy with a higher wave count.According to The Mag: If you’re ever planning a surf trip to SouthAfrica then you have to watch this video. Not only will the high performance surfing motivate you to push your limits, but Surfline’s SeanCollins’ insightful forecasting knowledge will increase your chances of scoring epic J-Bay. Heat Sheet: 7 out of 10 … The Slater footage is mind blowing and the soundtrack is rocking. But, it’s hard to just watch one wave on an entire video.See also: Rise AboveDaniel Ikaika Ito