( DVD for $29.95The Buzz: BamMan Films shelled out some serious dinero and time toproduce The Ride. But, the pay off was worth their efforts. The documentary of Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Peter Mel, Ross Clarke-Jones, Darrick Doerner and Tom Carroll towing into gigantic Jaws on November 26, 2002 received Best Picture at the 2004 X-Dance Film festival. Get This: On November 26, 2002 Pe’ahi totaled five PWC’s and dealt out a dozen injuries. Yet, miraculously the 50 ft. plus waves managed not to kill anyone. Furthermore, Kelly Slater’s only wave on the vid is when he drops in on Laird – where’s the aloha?According to The Mag: This video is the kind of film to make your kook friend’s soil themselves, shut down the big wave posers and jolt your chick into grabbing you tight. This scary aspect of The Ridemakes it spooky, entertaining and enlightening all at the same time Heat Sheet: 9.8 out of 10 … Although the footage is two years old, the creative editing techniques overshadow the timeliness. Cool split screens of Laird Hamilton describing the conditions via cell phone and Hamilton ripping 6-story faces is innovative. And, all of the surfers’ interviews are insightful glimpses into the big wave psyche. Cousin: Riding GiantsDaniel Ikaika Ito