The Buzz: Powerlines Productions give a documentary style overview of the 2002-03 giant wave season. All of tow surfing's big names, like Darrick Doerner and Mike Parsons, grace the video, as well as ASP heavies like Kelly Slater and Cory Lopez.Get This: Cory Lopez's Teahupo'o strapless tow in bomb is heavier than the pictures tell. According to The Mag: This is the kind of video that makes you number two in your board shorts after the first ten minutes. Think you can handle rhino chasing Mav's? Or towing into macking Pe'ahi? If so, then watch this video first, you may change your mind. Heat Sheet: 9.25 out of 10 … The variety of giant surf footie is a testament to Powerlines Productions' hard work to make an excellent surf video. If the Teahupo'o and Pe'ahi waves are too exotic for you, than the Mavericks' surf we'll make you feel more at home — that is, if you're home is infested by Great White Sharks and killer surf. Distant cousin: Whipped!!! and {{{100}}} Ft. WednesdayDaniel Ikaika Ito