Sanctuary Records

To categorize a band like Ween is like herding cats, it’s time consuming and ultimately impossible. And their latest release is no different, as Quebec feels less like an album and more like a state of mind — one that’s fiercely independent, smoky and a little boozy — resulting in their best studio release since 1997’s epic, The Mollusk. Needless to say, Ween (do you realize that Ween spelled backwards is neew?) continues to push themselves into territory last visited by Frank Zappa, so if you don’t have a sense of humor or are unwilling to read between the lines, then save your time for that feline rodeo. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the full kaleidoscope of sound from high-octane rock ala Motorhead to spaced-out, mood stabilizing odes to the trademark hysterical interludes that fans can appreciate on their titles alone (i.e.”Hey There Fancypants” and ”Chocolate Town”). And if those don’t get you laughing, wait til ”F*&$#d Jam” plays a brilliant joke on you and your stereo. Quebec is more than just another adventurous listen from music’s top explorers; it’s proof that Gene and Dean Ween are ready to take the tag-team title of psychedelic rock champions, whether they planned it or not.
–Tim Donnelly