Burning The Map

DVD and trailor available at www.westlakeent.com for $14.95

The Buzz: Before Timmy Turner’s Second Thoughts was named the 2004 Video of the Year by Surfer Magazine, Turner scouted Indo on a three month trip after graduating high school in 2002. Burning The Map is the product of Timmy’s Indonesian summer. Get This: Timmy was so stoked on Indonesia that he ditches out on older bro, Ryan, when he attempts to bring little brother back to America. In the process, Timmy also bails on the Fall semester of his Freshmen year in college. According to The Mag: Like many documentaries, Burning The Map starts off slow with character introduction and mood setting. But, after the first ten minutes the action starts to pick up faster than a fresh Northwest swell at Ehukai Beach park.Heat Sheet: 8.25 out of 10 … Great narration by Huntington Beach Surf Team coach, Andy Verdone, coupled with an interesting story line make Burning The Map an entertaining watch. Although the action footie is sub par compared to Timmy’s barrel filming in Second Thoughts, the waves in Burning The Mapsupplement the film well. Distant Cousin: Second Thoughts Daniel Ikaika Ito