By Larry Blair and Buzzy Kerbox
$14.95; A Hedonist Production; www.wave-finder.comKeep it by your computer. This pocket-sized encyclopedia of surf spots is going to turn every swell prediction and every tide calendar into skeleton keys for your stoke. This nearly 400-paged Wave-Finder accurately targets over 1000 breaks with over {{{600}}} critically simple maps. It is divided into three books. The first book explores hundreds of spots with individual maps of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. The other two carefully personify the entire West and East coasts of the United States with the same easy to use map and key format. There is also a 30-spot guide to Puerto Rico and an unveiling of the mysteries to Gulf Coast surfing. Larry Blair and Buzzy Kerbox, with the help of over 50 pros and local heroes, swiftly reveal the vital statistics of a break and avoid acres of tedious writing to sift through. By following a simple key you’ll have accurate and memorable knowledge about a break’s best conditions. In just nine sentences, the dynamics of Surfside’s “The Hole”, a very hard wave to find pumping, are revealed with a brief and exact wave description and the best tide and swell to find it’s barrels gaping and thumping. It also warns readers of its heaviness from the beach refraction and the territorial crew of locals. It’s all about finding the right spot for the given winds, tide, and swell direction especially when you’re a foreigner to the territory. However, Wave-Finder does not do this without recommending caution and demonstrating the importance of respect for locals, and directions to a bloody nose if you really want one.
–Daniel Galligani