Here’s The Pitch:
Texan and waves straight up representing their beloved Lone Star state. Hollywood Connection:
Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Although there aren’t any teenage kids being slaughtered by a power tool in The Exposure, the Texans slaughter their local breaks with malicious intent. Best Actor:
{{{Morgan}}} Faulkner. Faulkner’s segment starts off with a {{{Fox}}} {{{Sports}}} Net broadcast of a mediocre long board contest, where he is awarded the best trick of the day for a fins first takeoff shuvit to a lengthy hang five and head dip. And although the viewer may be inclined to write off Faulkner as a cross-stepping crony, the rest of Faulkner’s section showcases his laidback, smooth style, aerial adeptness and all around short board prowess. Supporting Cast:
Lee Hughes, Steve Rebelas, Kris Hopkins, Brett Hopkins, C.J. Bradshaw, Ryan Cole, Zach May, Chris Dennen, J.B. Englerth and plethora of Texan surfers. With cameos by Tom Curren, Jason Collins and Geoff Brack. Score:
Eric Archer, Don’t Date Me, The UHF Band, Yo Flaco!, Freeflow Conspiracy, Free Radicals, Lucky 7, Bob Log III, The Eines, Deep Ella, Last {{{Soul}}} Descendants, Jakeleg Thumbs Down:
Who ever said, “everything is bigger in Texas” wasn’t referring to the surf. Consequently, there are only a handful of Texan waves that are overhead in The Exposure. Thumbs Up:
Yeehaw! The Exposure shows that Texans can ride things other than livestock. Daniel Ikaika Ito