Here’s The Pitch:
The future of surfing has the right of way at a four way stop, and aerial surfing should proceed with caution. Hollywood Connection:
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Like the Kevin Smith comedy, Yield has a plethora of big name appearances, but it's the young up-and-comers who capture the limelight. Best Actor:
Dane Reynolds’ segment is the longest on Yield, and the kid deserves the lengthy footage. Throughout the section, Reynolds is blowing over sections with functional, gnarly airs and going rail to rail on every powerful carve. Supporting Cast:
Fanning, Dean Morrison, Taj, Andy and Bruce, Slater, Taylor Knox, Booby Martinez, Rob Machado, Mike Losness, Scott Turner, Kai and Kellen Ellison, Cory Arrambide, Chad La Bass, the brothers Malloy, Timmy Reyes, Josh and Nathaniel Curran, Sean Hayes, Cory Lopez, Chad La Bass, Jay Phillips and Cory Arrambide. Score:
Foo Fighters, H.I.{{{M}}}., Interpol, At The Drive In, CKY, Silverchair, Biffy Clyro, Thursday, Numb Thumbs Down:
Yield only briefly showcases Slater and the rest of the Top 44, and uses the common brother grouping with the Malloy and Iron’s segments. Thumbs Up:
One of the best parts of Yield is the Taylor Knox segment. Mr. Know is laying down his trademark carves throughout the video, but in the middle of his section Knox lands a nice sized punt to switch up the mood. Daniel Ikaika Ito