Next In Line
Directed by Jessie Marley
Price $24.95; At your local surf shop or

The Buzz: What comes after The Next Generation? Why The Next in Line, of course. Sequel to Jessie Marley’s 2003 video, The Next in Line features an eclectic mix of the usual suspects (Irons’, Slater, Hobgoods, O’Brien, Reyes, Barca, etc.) that promises to make you jaundiced eyed while they surf classic Indonesia, California, Tahiti, and Hawaii both in and out of competitions.

Get This: The clip of Kala Alexander speaking about Hawaiian localism anticipates Marley’s next video, an in-depth look at the Wolf Pak, already in the making.

According to the Mag: An Indonesian secret spot firing double-overhead A-frames, an Irons/Slater Hawaiian showdown and an upcoming generation of young pros like Ryan Turner, Timmy Reyes, Brett Simpson, Ryan Carlson, Shaun Ward, Micah Byrne and others holding their own and even showing the older dogs a new trick or two, prove to be the video’s strong points.

Heat Sheet: 7 out of 10… while the locations, surfers, and camera angles are solid in terms of choice and style, the video loses focus of its overall theme and fails to present a cohesive picture of the younger pros and their different personalities. The editing could also use some more work, as certain segments break the sequence of their locations, while others deviate from flowing smoothly with the soundtrack. However, these are only minor concerns and do not outweigh the video’s main strengths, which shine through strongest with Marley’s choice of footage in the Indonesia and Hawaii sections.

Relative: Pete Frieden’s Back in Town.