A Filipe Toledo Highlight Reel – The eleven best airs fom SATSON

The eleven best airs fom SATSON

Filipe Toledo has made a name for himself in the soggy embrace of a WSL jersey. But what happens when that jersey is peeled off and the beast set free? Well, imagine a Tasmanian Devil tearing through a countryside. Now imagine one riding a 5’9″ at Lakey Peak and there you have Filipe Toledo in his natural freesurfing state. The man doesn’t hold back, and even says so in his new profile film with SURFING,”I don’t care. I just go for broke every time and surf every wave like it could be my last one.” And it’s this lack of restraint that makes Fil so fun to watch. Have a glimpse here at what we deemed the eleven best airs of his new film – but trust us, there’s plenty more gold left in that mine. Download Spinning At The Speed Of Now here in its entirety and see for yourself.