A Preview Of Point Break (Not 2, Apparently)

I wanted to start this post off with a quote from the original Point Break. But I can’t. There are too many good ones, and I would spend weeks upon weeks racking my brain trying to choose which line would be the perfect one to start with and then I would get fired on account of being hugely unproductive and then I would have no money to buy tickets to go see the new Point Break in December. So I’m not starting this with a quote.

Instead, onomatopoeia: BAM!

That’s what this preview of the new Point Break says to me, and that’s what it’ll say to you. It features Laird and Teahupo’o and Laurie Towner getting hurt and Bruce Irons and guys skateboarding off of yachts(?) and Laird and two guys in one barrel and drone footage and double barrels. And Laird. BAM!

Click play. And don’t get fired from your job because we’re all going to need some money to buy tickets to Point Break . —Bren