A Trippy, Panoramic Experience With CJ Hobgood And Teahupo’o – The future was in August.

The future was in August.

Last Wednesday, the world became re-obsessed with the 1989 movie Back To The Future 2. Thats’s because — in the film — Mikey J. Fox time-travels from to October 21, 2015, which happened to be last Wednesday. Inevitably, people compared modern times to what director Steven Spielberg predicted life would be like on October 20, 2015. Inevitably, people were disappointed.

But I’m not disappointed. Our quite happy with our present. We may not have spaceship cars, but the new Prius seems pretty nice. Plus we’ve got phones that let you see another person’s face from thousands of miles away, in a real time. We’ve got an infinite oasis of free entertainment. And we’ve got this — the WSL and Samsung’s panoramic production featuring CJ Hobgood in Tahiti.

Click play and wander your way around Teahupo’o for two minutes using the arrow button in the top left. We’ve been told it works best with the Chrome browser. If you don’t have Chrome, ask the weird scientist guy from Back To The Future to install it for you. He’ll probably figure it out.