Drones, though relatively new to the world of surf, have become overwhelmingly abundant above our turbulent seas. Among the masses, there are but a few individuals who successfully dip, dive, and slide their whirlybirds well enough to capture an artistic perspective. Still, even the best operators suffer from the mediocre video quality allowed by a drone. When the mini-chopper is only the size of a chess board, it’s pretty impossible to rig it with a RED Dragon.

It was with all of this in mind that Tom Jennings and Volte Wetsuits embarked on the cinematic adventure seen above. The shoot took place on a REAL helicopter, in a remote region of Western Australia. They discovered almost-surfable slabs in the Indian Ocean – waves as beautiful as they are lethal. When paired with the groovy stylings of Good guy Mikesh & Filburt, the short film evokes tremendous power and appeal.

Prepare to be hypnotized.

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