Albee Layer // The Wedge // 2:26

Perhaps the best preface to this clip comes straight from Albee and Matt Meola’s two-man blog, in a post titled “its summer… FML!”

In Albee’s own words:

It’s about that time of year where I begin to loose my sh!t. I start having winter relapses, I start acting strange and grumpy, I snap at Matt for being able to do better airs than me, I call every girl in my phone to end up having a good honest session on redtube, and I think of great days of waves and try to relive them in my mind. In the end I just get psyched and go to the beach to disappointing one foot wind slop. I try to do anything to keep sain. Diving, biking and too many hours on facebook to count. But soon I will get off and about around the world to real waves somewhere. The next swell couldn’t come soon enough. So here’s a vid of two winters ago at pe’ahi on one of the best days I’ve ever surfed it. Why i put it up…idk maybe in hopes to stop people like me to get lazy over the summer. Go out, swim, run do something. Winter will be here before you know it.

And so Albee visited the Wedge, and “did something.”