Alessa Quizon // Central America // 1:58

When it comes to rear ends, no one turns us on like Alessa Quizon. For Alessa, shaking tail feather doesn’t involve backing anything up, dropping anything like it’s hot, or twerking (thank god). It doesn’t really even emphasize her ass, though the ass in play does nothing to taint the eye candy that is Alessa’s surfing.  Alessa earns her respect as a rump shaker by ditching fins, rocking seamlessly from rail to rail and pivoting power hacks that’ll make you randier than Anastasia Ashley’s pre-heat warm up at the US Open a couple years back (Sorry Anastasia, but you’ll never live that down). In a completely platonic, A-sexual way, this video is the next best thing to a quick porno, and it’s way, way better than any Nelly music video.