Goddamn that Alex Gray!

This guy lives the life that we all dream of. Mexico, Fiji, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, barrels, barrels, BARRELS, etc. He recently released a new clip of some of his summer travels, and it has us green with envy. We gave Alex a call to hear about his epic summer.

“June is my birthday month, so I was in Salina Cruz for a little with some friends, then saw that big swell heading to Fiji so I hopped on a plane there, spent two weeks on Tavarua, then came straight back to Salina Cruz and then Pascuales. I’m on my way back down to the points right now, the sand is as good as it gets this summer.

“The trip to Tavarua was pretty much the best trip of my life. Unfortunately the big swell had onshore wind, but the next six days were pumping with absolutely no wind. So I got to surf 8-12 foot Cloudbreak with Greg Long and Jon Roseman, two of my absolute heroes, for a few days — including my birthday! The last wave I got in the Fiji section was the day before my 30th, so it was a nice way to send off my 20s.”

Speaking of 20s, Alex has had a good run of travel this summer, recently eclipsing the 20 mark for lifetime trips to both Tavarua and Salina Cruz. The dude is basically a gopher — popping out of tunnels all over the place.

What can we expect next from surfing’s most devoted traveler? “Anthony Walsh and I scored a wave in Africa earlier this season. I’m really excited to release that clip to everyone too.” As are we, as are we. Bastard!