Drones are great. Don’t get us wrong. They’ve delivered some of the most breathtaking imagery to grace the surf world in quite some time, and we fully endorse that. But after watching the above clip featuring a souped-up drone pulling the weight of a skimboarder (wakeboarder, wakeskater, whatever you want to call this aggressively cowabunga gentleman) it seems that the once-magic formula of “just add drone” has duly run its course. So as entertaining as it would be to see a drone-tow attempt into a Pe’ahi bomb, some things were meant to stay the same. Have you ever ridden a jet ski? Have you flown a drone? You can guess which gets the nod in the amusement department. So for now we’ll toss #dronesurfing in the same closet as hydrofoils and jet-propelled rhino chasers.