The Rip Curl Search was first called on in the year 1992.

What a fine year it was. And what a fine journey to embark on. Sonny Miller behind the lens, Tom Curren in front of it, countless coastlines to scour, countless new waves to discover. They’ve done so much doing, in fact, that they’ve stopped counting things altogether — who needs numbers when you’re getting barreled?

Just now, Rip Curl pushed The Search into fifth gear. They’ve got boats, planes, Clydesdales, everything. Proof is in both the video above and this snazzy new website.

Still, a question remains: In the age of the Internet — where everybody knows everything and Google knows even more — is there anything left to be found? Probably yes. Rip Curl will keep you updated as they search for the answer to that question and, rest assured, we’ll be relaying those updates.

But while they’re at it, there are a few more questions that I’d like to see them answer. Namely:

-Will they find a right that mimics J-Bay for Mick Fanning to slice and slice and slice so much that they are legally obligated to administer a trophy? Will the footage bring Richie Porta to tears?
-How many St. Bernards will they employ and how do they plan on grooming?
-Will they find the best air left ever and what will Luke Hynd’s hair look like during a full-rotation?
-Since they are so good at searching, can they find the bicycle I lost in 7th grade?
-How about my virginity?
-Dillon Perillo is very smooth and existential. That wasn’t a question?
-If they go somewhere cold, will they dress Matt Wilkinson up like a penguin man and have the penguin man march around the frozen tundra?
-Whatever it is, did Tom Curren already find it?