Astrodeck Surf Sandals

The next big thing in flip-flops has been right under your feet all along. Herbie Fletcher, the man who brought you Astrodeck traction pads (not to mention tow-surfing, a few dozen Wave Warriors videos, and a two genre-bending sons, Nathan and Christian), is taking his world-famous traction to the feets. Astrodeck Surf Sandals combine the familiar and functional feel of Astrodeck traction with the common flip-flop (slap, thong, slippah…you know what we mean). "They're perfect for the beach," says Herbie, "'cause they don't slip and slide around when they get wet. They actually work better that way." Not only are Herb's slaps perfect for climbing around on slimy rocks to check the waves, they're stylish, comfortable and make you feel like you're stomping a big hack even when you're just walking down the street.