The Aussie Good Fellas Attack Indo

It’s no secret that the QS can be a drag.

The waves are bad and results are hard to come by. That’s why the world’s second-best need freesurf trips to exotic locales — to “recharge the batteries”, as they say. In other words, sometimes they need to be reminded that they still love surfing. This trip did just that.

On an aquatic excursion deep in the annals of Indo, Jackson Baker, Kalani Ball, Connor O’Leary, Cooper Chapman and Wade Carmichael found perfection in the form of large, blue caverns. They scored the waves of their lives and in the process forgot about their QS woes. Hopefully this trip has reinvigorated the boys to make a big push in the back half of the year. Especially that Wade Carmichael, woo-ee can he ever drop the hammer.