Balaram and the Joys of Home

Balaram will never leave New York.

It’s been his home base since forever, and he sees no reason to change that. Sure, he’s traveling most of the year, but the time he gets to spend at home — particularly when there’s swell — is the best part of is year. Here’s what he has to say about fall in the Empire State:

“It’s a totally different perspective from someone that’s watching the Weather Channel seeing trees blowing down and stuff. What they see is damage — bad things. When I see a hurricane coming the first thing I think of is we’re getting waves, we’re getting barreled. Summertime gets super hot and crowded, the winter time gets freezing, so the fall is favorite time of year on the east coast. The leaves are changing, there are hurricanes or Nor’easters, beautiful weather, really good waves.”