Noa Deane had little expectations when he boarded a southbound plane with Dillon Perillo, Sterling Spencer and photographer Morgan Maassen. The foursome found good waves and cold beer in Mexico, and Noa’s ups caught Morgan’s eye. A week after their return, MM invited Noa to go back — this time, with Dane Reynolds and Craig Anderson. And on his dream trip, Noa really began to throw heat. He stuck a number of oversized airs, netting himself a profile in SURFING Magazine and a place in Dane and Ando’s hearts. On one particularly massive slob slob, everything was going so dandy and sweet that it almost felt like a Biz Markie song. Ridiculously high (he literally jumped out of photog DJ Struntz’s frame). Perfectly tweaked. Landing targeted. And just when he was about to ride it all the way to the finals of 2013’s non-existent Kustom Air Strike, boom. Broken board. Coming close doesn’t count, but we can’t help but commend Noa’s efforts. Fear not, big guy. It’s safe to say that your shit has been stepped up.

Footage compliments of Morgan Maassen and Mike Mallalieu