Benjamin Sanchis & Friends // France // 3:59

For most kids, a run-in with the neighborhood bully means getting pounded for milk money by the husky kid in Reeboks up the street. But, when your neighborhood is Hossegor and the fat kid is winter swell at La Gaviere, run-ins can be a tad more…fatal. Hossegor's own Benjamin "Sancho" Sanchis knows what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. He was raised to hop on the bully’s back and ride him all the way to Payless Shoes for a brand new pair of Reeboks. So in the latest from his series Where's Sancho? series, he hits his backyard with Jeremy Flores, Shane Dorian and Laurent Pujol, and together they make the winter's deadliest swirlies look like funfetti birthday cake.