Brett Barley Wins At Failing – Watch The Best Of Brett’s #failfridays

Watch The Best Of Brett's #failfridays

Professional surfers are human, which means just like you and me, they too have comedic spills from time to time. The only thing is that a pro has content control over what is seen by the world. That’s usually the creme de la creme of their filmer's hard drives -- not the aforementioned comedic skills. However, Brett Barley uses his Instagram to pay homage to near makes and mistakes every Friday. We love Brett’s #failfriday so we called him and asked about the best of his worst moments. --Jake Tellkamp

SURFING: This is the 53rd #failfriday, what's the incentive to keep it alive?
I’ve been making little wipe out sections ever since I started editing my own clips. I've always thought that if I wasn't going to do something sick on a wave, might as well and try to make people laugh.

What makes for the best fail?
You think wipeouts on bigger waves would get the most love but they don't. But if I'm surfing regular sized waves and I try a turn and my board hits me in the face seems, that seems to get the most love. I think it's just because it's more relatable like, Hey, that's happened to me rather than Look at Brett going over the falls at Pipeline.

Are surf movies incomplete without a wipeout section?
When I watch a movie like Cluster and see those guys stomping crazy airs and stuff, I want to see the stuff that they almost landed. The near makes are often just as entertaining.

And by the way, here’s Brett not failing.