Video Review: Califragulistic 2

Califragulistic 2
A film by Dean Hotch
Price $24.00; Available at your local surf shop

The Buzz: If you were one of the adventurous souls that looked past the unrelenting storms and rain of {{{California}}} last winter and made it to the beach, then you are fully aware of the amazing surf that came with those storms. For everyone else, Dean Hotch has put together a movie that brings those waves to our living rooms and puts some of the world's most incredible surfers on them. The outcome is a smorgasbord of epic, dark water waves ranging from perfect points and heaving beach breaks to colossal devil waves being taken apart by the likes of Tom Curren, Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds and heaps more.

Get This: Chris Brown "Wraparound" makes an appearance doing much more than just wrap-arounds on monster ledges somewhere between Mexico and Oregon. Amazing water shots mixed with land shots gives you the full experience of both perspectives.

According to the Mag: After watching a video like this that highlights California, you might wonder what the hell you were doing on these days. While we all do our share of complaining about the surf in California, videos like this that make us put our foot in our mouth and reassess our grumbling. After you watch Tom Curren drive down the line and emerge out of four head high barrels, and then proceed to draw out four flawless cutbacks, you rethink your bickering and drive down to your local point break and begin emulating. Good luck.

Heat Sheet: 7.5 out of 10… Califragulistic 2 features California waves at their best, with its best surfers riding them, but falls a little short in the layout department. The setup is one you have no doubt seen before: short personality/comedic intro, straight into the heavy shredding. This movie is perfect to throw in for a quick pre-surf psyche up. The soundtrack features surf-culture icons Pennywise and Slightly Stoopid; who, while being a staple in all of our musical diets, have become somewhat trite in surf movies. On the whole, Dean Hotch has put out another strong video that serves as the perfect appetizer for California's rapidly approaching winter.