Carissa Moore Is Going To Win The 2016 World Title

The CT is upon us, which means it’s time for anybody and everybody to cough up random predictions about the 2016 World Title before settling back into a very long season of snide remarks about the WSL. I’ve heard a lot of people thinking it’ll be Gabriel. A few for Julian. Fewer for John, and maybe even some about Jordy. Although that might’ve just been deja vu.

One prediction I haven’t yet heard: Carissa Moore for the crown.

The reason, obviously, is because most people don’t spend much time talking about women’s surfing. The reason behind that is because most people don’t spend much time watching women’s surfing. And finally, the reason behind that is because it pales in comparison to men’s.

Not Carissa’s.

Watch this clip of her surfing Rincon. Is she as powerful as Conner? No. Does she have the flair of Dane? Nah. But is this the type of great surfing that stands alone and refuses to be categorized by gender? I’d say. That’s why I’ll be watching the Women’s CT this year, and most likely watching Carissa win everything. I’d bet my whole $374 on it. All of em.