Chippa Wilson is a different breed of surfer. He’s taking skateboard moves/grabs/spins and applying them to surfing like no one has ever done before. He nearly took out the Kustom Airstrike with his last-minute entry of the first backside big spin ever landed on a surfboard. Wade Goodall also did an ally oop version of a big spin in this Creative Destruction video (0:44).

Well now Chippa is doing them frontside. Although this is an admittedly sketchy landing, it has such a ridiculous level of skill attached to it, I find it hard not to appreciate.

Back in the day when people like Joe Crimo were throwing down shuv-its, people kind of blew them off as a novelty maneuver that didn't fit in surfing. But with the level guys are at now, I don't think that's true anymore. If you can do varials above the lip and land cleanly in transition at the end of a ride, it becomes a legitimate addition to your bag of tricks. Chippa is just taking it a step further and spinning his board a full 360 while adding in a 180 body rotation in the same direction. That's not bullshit. That's next level shit. —Jimmicane