CI Flexbar Offers Year-Long Warranty Against Breakage

Besides Costco’s custom line of Wavestorms, money-back guarantees don’t exist in the surfboard biz.

That’s because it simply wouldn’t make sense for the manufacturers. The cost of producing a surfboard is roughly $300 all said and done. Because we ride such light and flimsy boards nowadays, they’re not exactly difficult to break. On a punchy day it’s not uncommon to snap a sled in its very first session, and there is nothing worse than that. Still, the companies can’t be financially responsible for our shortcomings as wave riders.

Channel Islands recognizes this but empathizes with the consumer. Knowing that it wouldn’t be economically feasible to refund every broken CI, they decided to create a more durable material that would take significant force to ding or break. Through years of experimentation, they finally landed on the CI Flexbar material, one so strong that CI is offering a year-long warranty on every Flexbar board they sell. That’s right — you break it, they replace it.

But we’ve heard talk of unbreakable boards before — remember Firewires? The Spartan snaps them like twigs. That’s why the SURFING team is planning on busting this Flexbar myth wide open with our very own Field Test, where we will surf the dumpiest, most board-snapping conditions we can find in SoCal. If this thing comes out in one piece, then CI will have a damn good business plan. If not, it’s still a win-win for the consumer. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Head here for additional Flexbar info.