Connor O’Leary isn’t a household name in the States. Yet.

We say “yet” because just a few days ago, Connor won the biggest competition of his life, which just so happened to be the first QS 10,000 of the year. With those 10,000 points in hand, Connor puts himself in a great position to qualify for next year’s World Tour.

Last year, the lowest amount of QS points to qualify for the CT was roughly 24,000. Connor is already halfway to that mark, while only having secured 2 out of his 5 scoring events this season. In order to qualify, he only needs to amass around 12,000 points in a total of three events over the rest of the season. People have lost with better odds, but things are looking up for the young Aussie.

And outside all the numbers and statistics, the kid surfs damn good. We’ll use the video above as evidence.

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