Creative Destruction Ch. 2: The Kids of Mission Mexico

Creative Destruction is like having a Wade Goodall remote control — you press a button, he does what you want. In Chapter 2, Wade and Sterling Spencer descend into Tapachula, Mexico, to learn how to laugh all over again. Tapachula is home to Mission Mexico, a youth refuge where kids come to escape the harsh realities of a disadvantaged upbringing. Wade and Sterling share waves and smiles with their new amiguitos; both surfers describe the experience as life-altering.

Voting is now under way for Chapter 4:

West Coast, USA

Burning Man: The wildest party on earth.
Motor-home our way from Los Angeles into the desert east of San Francisco.


East Coast, USA

Gulf Coast Oil Spill: The biggest f—k-up on earth.
Go see for ourselves the impact of BP’s oil disaster.

Visit to vote, and stay tuned for Chapter 3 — currently in production according to the viewers’ choice last month. The first chapter of Creative Destruction has been viewed over 70,000 times and counting — and Wade’s just getting started.