Dane Reynolds Might Win The J-Bay Open

Pardon the vague title. Dane Reynolds might win the J-Bay Open. But that model chick might reply to your stupidface selfie DM on Instagram and I might have been involved in that incident with a keg, seven strippers, two German Shepherds and a whole lotta mushrooms in Tijuana back in ’03. Might is pointless, it doesn’t tell you anything. So let me rephrase that: Dane Reynolds has a legitimate chance at winning the 2015 J-Bay Open. For proof, see this edit of him surfing the event there in 2009. That was six years ago. Six years of good surfing, of airs, of carves, of baby making. Dane’s got nothing to lose heading into the Open this year. And at least $100,000 to gain. We shall see.