On Days Like These We Must Surf

We love surfing, we do.

But there are some things that we’re just not about. That no matter how sad and surf-deprived we may be, there’s no way we’re gonna do it. Like wearing webbed gloves or going to Ballina (currently) or maybe surfing the Great Lakes.

The latter would be so cold, so mediocre, so… not salty. Will our boards even float?

But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we haven’t experienced moving so far from the sea that we’d be willing to forego our presuppositions, strap on a 5/4/3 and hit the lakes for 3-foot wind slop. Maybe.

This video is all about a crew of diehard lake surfers from the greater Toronto area. Most of them are transplants from big surfing regions like Brazil or Peru who need to scratch the itch. You’ll be amazed by how far they’re pushing it.