Desert Point Grower Goes Wild

F*#$%ing Brazliians, man.

Crazy sons of bitches, all of them. No regard for life or limb. Also really good in the tube. Thats the only way to explain their desire to surf “The Grower” at Desert Point.

Deserts is known for its long, tapered walls that run over a tack-sharp reef. It is a dangerous wave, undeniably. But the end section, affectionately referred to as “The Grower”, is another beast in and of itself. Basically detached from the point, The Grower is an anomaly of a wave that nearly doubles in size once it reaches the zone. It then barrels over an extra-shallow portion of the reef and finishes over a dry-rock closeout. It is not for the faint of heart.

But that doesn’t stop this team of masochistic Brazilians from giving it hell. Scratching into 20-foot face bombs on 5’10s, threading the needle, and doggy-dooring before complete devastation, these guys have an obscure version of fun. And while most people want nothing to with it in real life, it sure isa blast to watch!