The Dog’s Guide to Surfing:

Hanging Ten With Man's Best Friend
TCB Caf Publishing;
128 pages.
$14.95Remember the part in “Lost Across America Volume Two: The Decline” where Majica the Surfing Dog kept dropping in on Tom Curren? Well, now you too can introduce the rewards of wave riding to your dog!

With The Dog’s Guide to Surfing, you can learn all the basics about teaching your dog how to rip. With personal stories, lessons, advice, movies, gear and surfwear, your dog will learn everything it needs to be a surf-dog. From grommet status to pro, your dog will crawl from their first boogie board onto the nose of your longboard.

The book is filled with light, fun ideas for teaching your dog everything it needs to know about the beach. When it really gets attached to the force of the water, your dog may even want to jump from your surfboard onto your skateboard and from then on there will be no stopping it. Snowboarding. Wakeboarding. Kiteboarding. Who knows? The guide jumps and turns through all the hoops involved in teaching a dog how to surf. The book includes the stories of dogs in films and those that remain true as “soul surfers”, and offers the keys to transforming your dog into a surf extraordinaire and introducing them to the Hollywood spotlight.