Drive Thru South Central America Video Review

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The Buzz: 14 Day Productions and Poor Specimen join forces again to bring you Drive Thru South Central America. This fourth installment of the Drive Thru reality series, hooks up five gringos, Shane Dorian, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Ozzie Wright and Kalani Robb with a two week surf trip through Central and South America.

Get This: The ATV antics on Drive Thru South Central America should come with a “Do not try this at home disclaimer.” Not only does Oscar Wright manage a 360 dismount with one of the quads, but Benji also trashes the other bike with a {{{720}}} rollaway. According to The Mag: The most entertaining Drive Thru as far as waves and cast. Tune in to the Panama segment before your next beach break sesh to see how to stick air drop to a barrel like Shane O. And watch the Donny and Ozzie duet to learn how not to sing La Bamba.

Heat Sheet: 8.75 out of 10 … Muy Bien! Perhaps the best surf footie of all the Drive Thru series, Drive Thru Central South America has a great variety of waves and wave riding. Surprisingly, there is no video of Donavon’s old school boards for all the retro hodads. But not to worry, because the Oz man is ripping on a stubby, Flock of Seagulls-ish swallowtail.

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Daniel Ikaika Ito