Dyan Graves & Koa Smith // Philippines // 3:27

At night, when your eyes grow heavy and your conscience slips into the realm of fantasy, this is what you’re supposed to dream about. Sunny skies, palm trees, barrels as wide as the sea is blue. There’s both rights and lefts to keep the REM cycling no matter which foot you thrust forward. Dylan Graves and Koa Smith leave no tube unridden in the Philippines and it truly is an exercise in perfection. Watch it once, watch it twice, then fall asleep and bring yourself there — or just buy a ticket to the Philippines next Typhoon swell.

For the full story of Dylan and Koa’s strike mission gone right accompanied by the scoop on the Waves For Water humanitarian strike weeks later, pick up a copy of SURFING’s March 2014 Issue. You won’t regret it.