I’ve known Evan Geiselman was going to be a superstar for a long time now. Since he was 10 I’ve been claiming him as the the heir to the East Coast throne. If you spent your days down at the NSSA East Coast Championships at Sebastian Inlet in the early to mid 2000s, you knew. “You’re our only hope Evan, just so you know. No pressure.” The Golden Child, I called him. Still, as long as we’ve been friends, I never had the privilege to do a trip with him until two weeks ago when we went down to Costa Rica to finish his profile for SURFING Magazine.

I’m proud to tell you the kid has kept up with my lofty expectations. The rivalry that’s developing between him and Kolohe is one that’s going to keep American surfing on the radar for the next decade and beyond. The Slater vs Machado comparisons are real. Only neither of these kids are going to drift off into oblivion in their prime. They’ll be battling it out forever.

Here’s some of the better clips from Costa, stitched together by Michael Lopez. --Jimmicane