Evan Geiselman could just be the next pop culture icon. And his path to stardom starts right here, right now. Country music mogul Luke Bryan recently wrote a song about falling in love on Spring Break and called it Roller Coaster. Cute song, too. Problem is that Luke Bryan is 37-years-old, and the idea of 37-year-olds falling in love during Spring Break is just fucking weird (Think: confused middle-aged woman who still loves Sex and The City meets Cleveland Browns fan with bad tattoos). So what did Luke do? He commissioned Evan Geiselman to be the protagonist lovebird! And what a great call. Roller Coaster, which you see above, is amazing. Couple notes though:

1) Evan, come on man, you can’t be spilling your drink that easily. Spilling like that is just sloppy; it’s poor form.

2) Good call with the brunette. Lot of blondes in there, but you made the right choice. There’s a little bit more mystery with her, a little extra twinkle in her eye. Nice.

3) If there’s one thing that we can all take away from this video, it’s to spill drinks on people as often as you can. Like, if you’re going out tonight, be a human firehose of vodka tonics. Just buy ten drinks at a time and start dousing people with them until somebody agrees to have sex with you. Thank us (and Luke Bryan, and Evan Geiselman) in the morning.