(Artisan Home Entertainment; 1hr. 13 minutes; DVD $19.98 (SRP); available at click here)

HERE’S THE PITCH: Generation X, Generation Y, what are we these days? Whatever our brand, we can’t deny that we’re living in an extreme age and Keep Your Eyes Open will satisfy our appetite.

HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION: Die Another Day: Like 007 himself, these maniacs’ jobs take them to the edge everyday but to them it’s all a part of the lifestyle.

BEST ACTOR: Matt Hoffman: Sorry surf junkies, none of our brethren hold a candle to this BMX superstar and medical miracle. Simply put, Hoffman is the extremist of extreme sports.

SUPPORTING CAST: Andy and Bruce Irons, Sunny Garcia, Mike and Tina Basich, Steve Berra, Eric Koston, Mark Frank Montoya, Seth Morrison, Travis Pastrana, Mike D. and more.

SCORE: Original music by The Latch Brothers

THUMBS DOWN: If you’re looking for a surf flick, KYEO isn’t the best choice. In covering the booming wide world of extreme sports surfing seems to take a back seat to the mainstream action on land.

THUMBS UP: Keep Your Eyes Open takes a methodical yet exciting approach to revealing the people behind the gnarly performances. Personality discussions touch on common questions like life as a pro, fear, anger and, of course, injury.Andrew Lewis