Fanning, Parko and Co. // Snapper Rocks // 2:13

Imagine it’s a pumping, midsummer day at your local watering hole. You paddle out into a lineup that’s so beyond capacity your local fire marshal's threatening to shut it down. Then, imagine the two most esteemed locals in the lineup are not only Top-10 ‘CT competitors, but World Champions. How many waves would you catch? Yeah, that’s what we’s OK buddy; mama said there’d be days like this. And, on days like this, rather than wasting time scratching your head on the shoulder, timidly tempting yourself with unenthused, nervous strokes toward already claimed waves that you weren’t going to catch anyway, consider taking notes from Asher Pacey, who, unlike the vast majority of surfers, doesn’t give a flying turducken’s giblets who’s in the lineup or what their monikers are--Fanning, Parko or otherwise. So, next time you're surfing with World Champions, review one of the many buttery barrels Asher nails here (among our favorite: 0:41) and just f***ing go. Asher would.