Farewell, Lowers

When it rains, it pours. And over the past 24 hours, the SURFING office got clobbered by a storm of Lowers clips. Like hail pelting a tin roof, banger clip upon banger clip bombarded our inboxes. Credit was due for each clip, and they were all worthy of your wholehearted consideration. So rather than burdening you with a cobblestone-clogged feed, we chose to simplify things. As the ASP heads into France and south swells ease their way into wintertime oblivion, here is a 15-minute salute to Lower Trestles. Watch ’em all and tell us who you think brought the thunder.

One fine group of young men tackle the foggy Pacific in pursuit of clips. Sam Orozco and Noah Schweizer put in stellar performances, but the show is headlined by Noa Deane. Noa absolutely annihilates a wave at 2:17. Power combos like that are what separates the men from the boys. However, just shy of a minute later, Noa once again becomes a boy with a flirty little skate trick at 3:06. The more times you watch that clip, the more confused you become. Snag the latest issue of SURFING Magazine for a profile on that manly trickster.

‘CTers Bede Durbridge and Damien Hobgood warm up for the Hurley Pro with special appearances by Keanu Asing and Tanner Hendrickson. Bede’s opening combo at :09 explains why it took a man named Kelly to steal the Trestles title from him in 2010. Professor Damo teaches a lesson on how goofyfooters should surf Lowers during his string of clips — it ain’t just about the airs, kids. And young Hawaiians Keanu Asing and Tanner Hendrickson perfectly tread the line between flare and maturity, surfing with speed, power, flow and all the other elements of good surfing that get a judge’s pen wet with ink.

Encinitas curly-head Taylor Clark spends a good chunk of his summer at Lowers. He’s big on the lefts, and we’re big on his surfing on the lefts. Taylor fears not the flats and he’s got a tail whip that contends with the best of ’em. At 1:25, Taylor ever makes bright of a bleary situation. If sharing is caring, then TC is Mother Teresa.

Talk about variety — could you ask for a more diverse group? CJ Hobgood, Kolohe Andino, Joel Parkinson, Keanu Asing, Bede Durbridge, Julian Wilson and Nat Young collectively set the cobblestones ablaze. Bede lands a hefty air reverse at 2:40 and we repeat, Bede lands a hefty air reveres at 2:40. Julian’s tail toss at 3:27 is hands-down the classiest thing you can do while burning somebody. And Nat Young has officially robbed Bobby Martinez of the elusive “Backhand Surfer Everyone Should Emulate” title after his wave at 3:36.