Fear Factor at Quicksilver Eddie // Waimea Bay // 2:37

“It’s one of the heaviest drops in the world.” Coming from Pipeline guru Jamie O’Brien, that utterance holds weight. The aforementioned drop—a critical component of the wave at Waimea—has both taken and made the lives of legends, and its reverence as the definitive big-wave proving ground is validated by every wipeout since Greg Noll became the first surfer in documented history to take on Waimea back in '57. With this 3-minute highlight reel, we witness of some of the most horrific wipeouts to take place at Waimea in recent years, along with some modest words from the hellmen who endured them. And while we humans are inherently entertained by the peril of our comrades, we are also inherently horrified by the circumstances that produce them. So without further adieu, click play for some serious entertainment in the form of fear and misfortune, as well as a reminder of our respect for Eddie Aikau and his legendary commitment to the world's most humbling wave in all its glory, and terror.