Fishtales // AI Memorial Golf Tournament // 6:22

We love clips that flaunt personality. You know, clips that prove that not all pro surfers are stone-faced demigods who just try to take things heat by heat. And this clip does just that. Paul Fisher is either the best or the worst person in the world to golf with. If you don’t take your swing too seriously, he would undoubtably be the best. But if you care (ie: Kelly Slater), you’re probably not going to be too thrilled about his presence. In this clip, Fish cackles his way through the Andy Irons Memorial Golf Tournament and tastes a little bit of both worlds. Yes, he uses a blow horn. Yes, he takes his pants off. And yes, he gets Dusty Payne very mad at him. It is entertainment at its very finest. And the slow-mo section after the credits is 100% worth sticking around for.